January 2, 2017

The Story of Shirley Yorke (1950)

The first ever release of this classic British title on DVD.

This 1948 Nettlefold production was Directed by Maclean Rogers and stars nurse Shirley Yorke, (Dinah Sheridan) who must assist her boss Dr Napier, (John Robinson) the only person able of effecting a new treatment on the ailing wife of a British Lord.

The woman dies and the finger is very strongly pointed at Sister Shirley, the main reason being because she and the Lord were former lovers. Later she is tried, and much damning evidence is presented against her. However, fortunately, the good doctor proves that neither he nor she are guilty of the crime. His evidence results in the capture of the real killer. Also stars Derek Farr and a good supporting cast including Charles Hawtrey.

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