January 2, 2017

Monty Python Stars Reuniting for ‘Absolutely Anything’

Terry Jones is aiming to reunite the surviving Monty Python team for his latest movie.

The comedy troupe, who last appeared together 14 years ago, are being lined up to provide voices for an animated sci-fi film, Absolutely Anything.

The star told entertainment industry newspaper Variety that former Python pals John Cleese, Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin were signed up. And he is hoping Eric Idle will also take part.

“It’s not a Monty Python picture, but it certainly has that sensibility,” he told the paper.

An animated film based on the memoirs of late Python Graham Chapman is to feature the team minus Idle and is expected to be released later this year.

In Jones’s new film, the team would play a group of aliens. It will also feature Robin Williams as a talking dog.

The Pythons made three celebrated films together – Monty Python And The Holy Grail, Life Of Brian and The Meaning of Life.

Jones last year collaborated on an opera at the Royal Opera House in London.

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