January 6, 2017

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cards against humanity best, it would appear this isn the case. Geneticists Stephen Oppenheimer and Bryan Sykes at the University of Oxford have produced evidence suggesting the peoples of the British Isles are far more closely related than previously thought. In fact they are effectively from the same stock, bar a few modifications from invasions such as the Vikings.

So in the current climate of sectarian nationalism in the Kingdom, should we really be forgiving the past (if not forgetting) and realising that we have far more in common instead of driving wedges which may harm for years to come?

However, I don believe there is much understanding by the general public of what the House of Lords is supposed to do or why it is important. What I fear is that there will be an overwhelming call for an entirely elected chamber or an attempt to move towards the American system of Senate / Representatives.

I for one believe that it is important to keep at least a large percentage of the Lords as unelected, though not necessarily hereditary.

I be interested to know what others think and more importantly why?

A people cannot survive in chaos, nor can a land. For this reason, the first duty of any who would rule is to maintain order. Too much order and a land becomes a prison where nothing is accomplished, save keeping order. Before long in such a land, there will be neither food nor clothing and order itself will vanish as each person struggles to find nourishment and shelter for himself and those he holds dear. Too little order and no one respects anyone else, neither his neighbour, nor his ruler, and that land too, will fall into ruin and anarchy.

The lessons of history have illustrated all too clearly that, despite what people say about the need to do good and to respect the persons and property of others, most beings will only do good and respect others either when it costs them nothing or when they fear a greater power will cause them suffering should they not respect others. Using power to instil order and respect, without turning a land into a prison, that is the task of a ruler.

Power is not respected or feared when it is never exercised. Yet, if it is exercised excessively and in an arbitrary fashion, people will become unhappy and unproductive, and that will cause the order of that land to decline. People also become unhappy when power is always used harshly and disproportionately to an offense against order. Likewise, they become confused when laws governing the use of power are complex and difficult to explain or understand.

Thus, the laws of a land must be both fair and simple. Sometimes, this is not possible, and if it is not, a ruler should err on the side of simplicity, because no matter how hard administrators and rulers attempt to assure fairness, absolute fairness is by nature impossible, and attempts to create it always lead to a wider and more complex set of rules and laws, which seem unfair because of their very complexity. In the end, attempting to create absolute fairness will create a greater impression of unfairness than maintaining a firmer and simpler set of rules.

Common sense and moral conscience are eroded where attempts to create absolute fairness are made. By imposing complicated laws which attempt to apply order to every possible situation,
cards against humanity sale, people have no need for moral interpretation or desire to learn all rules. A people who do not know or respect some laws of a land will, eventually, loose respect for all the laws of that land.

The last precept about laws is this: Create no law that is not absolutely necessary to maintain simple order. Beyond the minimum for maintaining order, laws are like fleas or leeches.

Institutions such as Political parties, the Police and Charities now find themselves obliged to speak out against any perceived racist language (internal or external) in order to protect themselves from the accusation of being institutionally racist.

Individual words are banned from use, regardless of context, intent or purpose. People are socially engineered to react with abomination at words such as or regardless of the way in which they are used. (Just think about your reaction then)

The hypocrisy of the media is even more apparent,
cards against humanity card game, when you see that they seem to prioritise these words in order of offence. For example you will often hear the term word used to replace where as the term is allowed, although both only in use when describing the racist behaviour of someone upon whom we should pour scorn.

It is little wonder that such confusion is abound in our children when commentators are never challenged on their accusations of racism, even when what they are describing is not racism at all. After all, why risk public ridicule?

I have spoken about racism before and tried to explain the differences, however we need prominent journalists to take up the cause in order for us to ever be able to educate the masses.

Recent reports include the charges against Prince Charles,
funny cards against humanity, Prince Harry or Emily Parr (Big Brother). Another was when somebody termed president elect, Obama campaign as a man riding a White horse which to my mind is a clever play on words.

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