January 2, 2017

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Why Shouldn’t Exams Be Banned,
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Exams provide evidence that the student has learned something, and ensure that college graduates actually deserve their diplomas.

Think of it this way: Would you trust a surgeon to perform heart surgery on you, if they’d never taken any exams? You’d have no way to be sure if they were good enough. For all you know,
crimes against humanity game, they could have spent their college years playing Angry Birds at the back of the classroom.

Without exams, a college education would mean nothing if you had the money,
places that sell cards against humanity, you could get a degree in whatever you wanted, and you wouldn’t even have to know a thing about the subject.

And let’s be honest nobody would pay attention in a boring class if they knew they weren’t getting tested on what was being taught!

Different Types of Examinations

Timed tests aren’t good for all subjects often, the only thing being tested is your ability to remember tiny details, and the bigger picture is lost completely.

I don’t see the benefit of timed exams in Arts subjects like Literature, and I don’t think your ability to recall the number of participants in a psychology study is any reflection on your understanding of the subject.

In that sort of situation,
cards against humanity card ideas, an essay done at home is usually a much more accurate way of judging somebody’s ability. The stress of timed exams can often lead to students forgetting things, too.

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