January 2, 2017


Harry Andrews (1911-1989) b. Tonbridge, Kent, England.

Harry Andrews

Imposing character actor Harry Andrews appeared in a wide assortment of British, American, and international films almost exclusively as a supporting player. Andrews graduated from Wrekin College in Shropshire. During the 1930s he began his career as a distinguished stage actor noted for his portrayals of Shakespearean roles at the Old Vic. After army service he reappeared to make his cinema debut in Terence Young’s The Red Beret (1953). Andrews continued to play most officer types including the platoon sergeant Payne in A Hill in Korea (1956), the Air Vice Marshal responsible for the fjord raids in 633 Squadron (1964), the military detention camp RSM in The Hill (1965), brigadier Blore in Play Dirty (1968), a Whitehall defence official in Battle of Britain (1969) and a lieutenant-colonel Thompson in Too Late the Hero (1970).

Perhaps his most famous military role was that of MSM Tom Pugh alongside John Mills in J. Lee-Thompson’s classic adventure Ice Cold in Alex (1958). Though frequently typecast as the rugged military types in films, Andrews broke the mould with his brilliant portrayal of a flamboyant homosexual in the black comedy Entertaining Mr. Sloane (1970) and the dotty Earl of Gurney in The Ruling Class (1972). Andrews was awarded the CBE in 1966.

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