January 2, 2017


Michael Craig (1928-) b. Poona, Maharashtra, India.

Michael Craig

Born in India to a British military officer, former merchant seaman Michael Craig was in his teens working at Oxford Playhouse when he entered films in 1949 as an extra. Briefly under contract to Ealing Studios, Craig was groomed for stardom by the Rank Organisation as a replacement for Dirk Bogarde, he began receiving speaking parts in 1954.

A tall and handsome leading man in such films as House of Secrets (1956), Upstairs and Downstairs (1959) and Mysterious Island (1961), Craig was required to do little more beyond looking handsome and dependable. Craig grew dissatisfied with the boundaries in which Rank confined him, though he played with easy authority. Mercifully, more rewarding film roles of substance followed in social drama�s including Guy Green�s The Angry Silence (1960), and two Basil Dearden�s films; Sapphire (1959) and Life for Ruth (1962). He has lived in Australia since the early 1970s and acted there on stage, screen and television.

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