January 2, 2017


Nigel Patrick (1913-1981) b. London, England.

Nigel Patrick

Droll stage and screen character actor Nigel Patrick was on-stage from 1932 and moved into films when making his acting debut in Mrs. Pym of Scotland Yard (1939). Patrick specialised in suave, dry-witted, shallow cheats and philanderers in films such as Spring in Park Lane (1948), a black marketeer in Silent Dust (1948) and memorably as spiv Bar Gorman in Noose (1948). His film career gained momentum after he returned from WWII service, with memorable parts in the Somerset Maugham omnibus films Trio (1950) and Encore (1951). In later films, Patrick’s military bearing were used to good effect in films including Morning Departure (1950) and The Sea Shall Not Have Them (1954), and subsequently as ex-military men turned to crime in austerity times in A Prize of Gold (1955) and The League of Gentlemen (1960).

Patrick also directed two films, the brisk black comedy How to Murder a Rich Uncle (1958) and the offbeat religious allegory Johnny Nobody (1961). In 1963, Patrick starred as a special investigator for the British airlines in the Sixties BBC TV adventure series Zero One. Nigel Patrick‘s last screen appearance was in John Huston’s The Mackintosh Man (1973). Married to actress Beatrice Campbell.

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