January 2, 2017


Rosamund John (1913-1998) b. London, England, UK.

Rosamund John

Born Nora Rosamund Jones in London, redheaded leading lady Rosamund John entered films as a Scottish girl in The Secret of the Loch (1934) before starting out on the stage the following year. During the war years she became one of Britain’s most popular actresses and blossomed in self-assured roles in films like the three consecutive Leslie Howard productions; The First of the Few (1942), The Gentle Sex (1943) and The Lamp Still Burns (1943).

John was especially effective as the landlady widow of RAF pilot Michael Redgrave in the popular Anthony Asquith film The Way to the Stars (1944). Post-war films included Green for Danger (1946) and Fame Is the Spur (1946) but the substance of roles on offer swiftly deteriorated. She retired from filmmaking in 1956 to concentrate on politics and her second marriage to high-ranking Labour MP John Silkin.

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