January 2, 2017


Shirley Ann Field (1938-) b. London, England.

Shirley Anne Field

London-born Shirley Anne Field was an attractive ex-model and repertory actress before an uncredited debut in Simon and Laura (1955). Thereafter for a short time, Field became one of most active young British actresses, performing in several important films. After appearing in such notable films as Michael Powell‘s Peeping Tom (1960), Beat Girl (1960) and Tony Richardson’s The Entertainer (1960), she rose to greater prominence in Karel Reisz’s highly acclaimed Saturday Night And Sunday Morning (1960). After appearing in The Damned (1962), and the iconic Alfie (1966), her career began to wane before petering out in the 1970s. After several years in theatre and TV, Field returned to films as a character actress in the late 1980′s, most notably in My Beautiful Launderette (1985), The Rachel Papers (1989) and Hear My Song (1991). She has continued to appear on the small-screen in television series including Dalziel & Pascoe and The Bill.

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