January 2, 2017

Late Extra (1935)


Made in 1935, British �Quota Quickie� Late Extra provides an early example of the now well-worn screen theme of the clever reporters outsmarting both the villains and the Police. The opening scene establishes both the film�s age and the script�s take on Police competence: a Policeman phones through to a colleague with a Scotland Yard report of a car stolen in London. There�s a description of the car, but when asked for the registration number, he replies: �This is a stolen car!� Er, right, so … [Read more...]

The Crown Film Unit at War


Commuters picking their way through rubble-strewn streets; an upended double-decker bus; a woman sweeping bomb debris from her doorstep. These indelible images of the Blitz were captured in 1940 by the newly-formed Crown Film Unit (CFU). Contained in the short film London Can Take It! they helped to convey the �blitz spirit�, and showed audiences in the United States that Britain was far from beaten. It was a very successful start for the CFU, and one that they would repeat and build on … [Read more...]