January 2, 2017

Return to Waterloo (1985)

The world of the ‘rock movie’ is a nebulous, uncertain terrain with few ground rules and even fewer conventions. By the very nature of its existence, it embraces a culture that thrives on hedonism, breaking of taboos and (to a certain extent) rebellion (not necessarily of the teenage kind, one must stress, but at least as an underlying thematic abstract). Therefore it should come as no surprise to find lurking under the genre’s umbrella a disparate plethora of … [Read more...]

Don’t Talk to Strange Men (1962)

“Samantha…..what a beautiful name”. A seemingly innocent sentence, of the type one would expect to find in an old Gainsborough romantic comedy or drama, or a half-remembered whisp of some old Children’s Hour production one vaguely remembers in the pub a decade or two later. But in the context of Pat Jackson’s superlative thriller, it takes on an altogether more sinister significance. Anyone in the UK who has ever been off work, ill or just a late … [Read more...]

Wilt (1989)

UK comedy supremos Mel Smith and Gryff Rhys Jones' first venture into cinematic territory, the Mike Hodges-directed Morons From Outer Space (1985) was, it has to be said, neither a commercial nor an artistic success - in fact, it pretty much reinforces the old stereotype that TV actors are good at TV and nothing else, and that such performers should stick firmly to their own metier if embarrassment is to be avoided. Although, it has to be said, I rented it about three times as a … [Read more...]

Corruption (1968)

Corruption is an interesting film, it takes a classic horror theme and plants it firmly in the middle of a contemporary setting, in this case the swinging sixties. The subject is that of a brilliant scientist who sacrifices his ethical code in the pursuit of an obsession. The person in question is the renowned Sir John Rowan (Peter Cushing) and the object of his desire is a glamorous photographic model Lynn Nolan played by Sue Lloyd. The film begins in a high-powered operating … [Read more...]

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I Start Counting (1969)

When Jenny Agutter is mentioned to any man of a certain age, certain reactions (including drooling, dribbling and the emitting of noises) tend to occur: these are invariably followed by a discussion of her iconic (often naked) appearances in Walkabout, Logan’s Run, Equus and An American Werewolf In London. Sadly, not as many have seen this groundbreaking, multi-layered and fascinating movie which belongs as much in the ‘once seen never forgotten’ category as it does in the … [Read more...]

Individual Pictures; The cinema of Launder and Gilliat

"The Lady Vanishes (1938)" A.H. "When online canadian pharmacy the reviews labelled it a Hitchcock picture, Launder and Gilliat decided forthwith to undertake their own producing and directing. Have you seen any of their pictures?" F.T. "There was one, Green for Danger, that didn�t quite come off, and I see a Dark Stranger, cialis 20mg that was more interesting. But the best one of all wasn�t a thriller, it was The Rake�s Progress with Rex Harrison." From Hitchcock by Francois Truffaut, … [Read more...]

The Devil Rides Out (1968)

A good friend of mine, not necessarily a horror "buff" but definitely a fan, once remarked in casual conversation that despite his love of Christopher Lee, he had yet to see him star in a film where he played 'the good guy'. I immediately felt sorry for him, as it was apparent that he had not yet seen what I consider to be not only the greatest Hammer film, nor the greatest British Horror film, but simply the greatest horror film ever made - The Devil Rides Out. Whether or not my friend has … [Read more...]