January 2, 2017

That Kind of Girl (1963)


So what exactly is a �zeitgeist�? Literally translated, it means �spirit of the age� (cue a thousand Hawkwind fans bursting into song) but that hasn�t stopped it being bandied about with alarming frequency these days, especially when describing �lost classics� or �cultural artefacts� that the cyber-stuffalanche of the last decade has enabled us to familiarise ourselves with. �Such-and-such captures the zeitgeist of the era better than half its more well-known contemporaries� we might say, and … [Read more...]

All My Shows Are Great – The Life of Lew Grade by Lewis Chester


Lewis Chester hasn't got a background in Film or TV History; he's an old-fashioned proper investigative journalist, an ex-member of the Sunday Times' Insight team; this background gives him two things....an ability to tell a story well, and an inherent sympathy towards the subject matter, whose generosity towards journalists was the stuff of legend....and that legend, amongst others, is the story that Lewis Chester is telling. At the centre of the legend is Lew Grade, the eldest of - in … [Read more...]

Great Expectations (1946)


�Great Expectations� is an intriguing study of social class, gender, and morality in Victorian times based on the novel by Charles Dickens. While many versions of the story have made it to film, none are as well made as David Lean's version, despite the fact he based it on a live theatre viewing back in 1939. A photographic memory of the story combined with the right casting, sets, and film score is what made �Great Expectations� so successful when it was released in 1946. As the central figure … [Read more...]

Privilege (1967)


Jim McLean. Ozymandius Fremantle. Mike Preston. Steven Shorter. All central characters in great British cult works. All fictional rock stars. All, to paraphrase Graham Chapman, �names that will live forever�. And Steven Shorter may just be the one whose name still carries the most mystery and intrigue. For, despite the renown and cult of personality that surrounds PRIVILEGE- say its name to any devotee of 60s culture and they instantly know what you�re talking about- very few have been able … [Read more...]

BFI Flipside competition

BFI Flipside competition In conjunction with the BFI we would like to offer our visitors the chance to win one of three sets of the forthcoming BFI Flipside DVD & Blu-ray releases of Privilege, That Kind of Girl and Permissive. For an opportunity to win a set of these dvds, please answer this question: Paul Jones, lead actor in Privilege, sang lead vocals on the chart-topping hit Pretty Flamingo. What was the name of the band he fronted? Competition closed The BFI�s Flipside … [Read more...]

Herostratus (1967)


As a shrieking, bellowing Beethoven movement plays on reel-to-reel cassette, a fair-haired, handsome young man lies on a bed cackling insanely, ignoring his neighbour�s entreaties to �turn that bloody row down�. Soon, he will snap and destroy with his bare hands practically everything of substance within his room- smashing bedsteads, windows, walls, bookcases and paintings, and making more noise than recorded music ever could. As the actor- Michael Gothard in his first major role- embarks upon … [Read more...]

Urban Ghost Story (1998)


Urban Ghost Story is the third collaboration between Chris Jones and Genevieve Jolliffe of Living Spirit Pictures, their previous two feature films being The Runner and White Angel. Jones and Jolliffe were inspired by documentary accounts of poltergeist manifestations, in particular The Enfield Poltergeist Case. Anyone who has read about the case or seen the photographs taken at the scene will note the obvious influence on the events and imagery portrayed in the film. The Enfield Poltergeist … [Read more...]