January 2, 2017

Twice Round the Daffodils (1962)


From the team behind the Carry On films Twice Around The Daffodils focuses on the nurses and patients of a British TB ward. … [Read more...]

Turn The Key Softly (1953)


Turn the Key Softly is a 1953 British drama dealing with the first 24 hours of freedom for three women, of widely differing backgrounds, who are released on probation on the same morning. … [Read more...]

Woman In A Dressing Gown (1957)


A middle aged women who is content with her marriage is shocked when she finds out her husband has fallen in love with a beautiful younger woman and plans to leave their marriage to continue his passionate romance with her. … [Read more...]

Behind The Mask (1958)


Redgrave stars alongside her father Michael in this drama set behind the scenes of London Great Hospital. … [Read more...]

The Spy In Black (1939)


A German submarine is sent to the Orkney Isles in 1917 to sink the British fleet. … [Read more...]

Conspiracy Of Hearts (1960)


First time on DVD!! Conspiracy of Hearts is a 1960 British film starring Lilli Palmer, Sylvia Syms and Albert Lieven which was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Film Promoting International Understanding in 1961. Italian nuns are smuggling Jewish children out of an internment camp near their convent to save them from the Holocaust. The Italian army officer in charge suspects what may be going on but deliberately turns a blind eye. When the Germans take over the camp security the nuns' … [Read more...]

Go To Blazes (1962)


Bernard, Harry and Alfie are three charming but unsuccessful crooks whose smash-and-grab tactics always go awry. On their way to another stint behind bars, the trio spot an on call fire engine and hatch a new plan. Upon release they set out to acquire a fire engine to use as the perfect getaway vehicle on a jewellery robbery. When the gang get mistaken for real firemen their plan begins to slowly unravel. Scared off by the police, Harry runs for cover in a local boutique where he meets … [Read more...]