January 2, 2017


Anthony Pelissier (1912-1988) b. London, England.

Anthony Pelissier

Born in London, Anthony Pelissier was the son of actress Fay Compton and producer Arthur Pelissier. His acting career started in the 1930s. Finding film production more to his liking, Pelissier earned his first writing credit in 1937 before switching to film direction in 1949. His directorial career only spanned five years and most of his efforts were literally adaptations: H.G. Wells’ The History of Mr. Polly (1949), D.H. Lawrence’s The Rocking Horse Winner (1949), and a segment of Somerset Maugham’s portmanteau Encore (1951). His final film was Ealing’s television satire Meet Mr Lucifer (1953) the following year. Pelissier went on to head the experimental production unit at the BBC.

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