January 2, 2017


Brian Tufano.

Brian Tufano

Brian Tufano is one of the UK’s leading Directors of Photography with a remarkable career spanning film and television. Tufano’s early work was with the BBC, including Stephen Frears Three Men in a Boat (1975), and Alan Parker‘s The Evacuees (1975). In the 1992, Tufano was introduced to Danny Boyle by the producer John Chapman and was recruited in order to work with them on the BBC series Mr. Wroe’s Virgins. Boyle continued to work with Tufano on his debut film, Shallow Grave (1994), and subsequent features Trainspotting (1996), Life Less Ordinary (1997), and Alien Love Triangle (2002). His other work for television has comprised of such popular series as Silent Witness, Middlemarch, The Choir and Common as Much. Further film credits include Quadrophenia (1979), East is East (1999), Billy Elliot (2000), and Last Orders (2002). In 2001, Brian won the BAFTA Award for Outstanding Contribution to Film and Television.

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