January 2, 2017


Edgar Anstey (1907-1987) b. Watford, England.

Edgar Anstey, (born Harold Macfarlane Anstey), was a pioneer of the British documentary movement during the 1930s. Working as a protégé of John Grierson at the Empire Marketing Board Film Unit, Anstey was involved on the innovative documentaries Uncharted Waters (1933), Eskimo Village (1933) and Granton Trawler (1934). Sponsored by the Gas Coke and Light Company he co-directed Housing Problems (1935) with Arthur Elton and later worked on Enough to Eat? (1936). Away from the documentary scene he teamed up with The Spectator as a film critic and worked for the BBC during the late-1940s. During WWII he produced documentaries for the Department of Information, and afterwards helped form British Transports Films in 1949, where he produced Journey into Spring (1957) and Terminus (1961).

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