January 2, 2017


Henry Cornelius (1913-1958) b. South Africa.

Henry Cornelius worked in Germany, France and England an actor and stage director. After the Nazi occupation of Berlin in 1933, Cornelius fled to France and became a student at the Sorbonne. During his time as a student he became an assistant editor, and in 1935 he travelled to England with Rene Clair to film Clair’s The Ghost Goes West (1935). He was subsequently promoted to full film editor. Returning to his birthplace of South Africa during the war years, Cornelius wrote documentaries and worked as a produced and director there. After the war he travelled to England and worked as an associate producer and screenwriter, becoming a full-time director at Ealing. He left after directing one film, Passport to Pimlico (1949), his later films normally had some Ealing links; Genevieve (1953).

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