January 2, 2017


Herbert Wilcox (1892-1977) b. Cork, Ireland.

Herbert Wilcox

Entering the film industry, after service in the Royal Flying Corps, as a renter in 1919 Herbert Wilcox established a name for himself in the twenties by importing stars from Hollywood and the Continent. In 1926 he co-founded Elstree Studios and two years later became head of production at British and Dominions. During the thirties he developed Anna Neagle into a star, directing her in a number of historical roles, the most prominent of which was Queen Victoria. Eventually he married her. After the war he teamed her with Michael Wilding in a number of frothy comedies acclaimed at the box-office, but when the tide turned against the Wilcox-type of film he went bankrupt. An energetic and tireless man of the cinema, he fought through difficult years to keep the industry buoyant.

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