January 2, 2017


Jonathan Glazer (1965-) b. London.

Jonathan Glazer

Glazer is a promising new director with a background in advertising and music videos He has been responsible for some of the most striking visuals seen on television in the last ten years. Glazer was responsible for the Guinness ‘The Swimmer’ and ‘The Surfer’ advertising campaigns. Glazer earned further recognition for a succession of award-winning music promos; including Radiohead’s ‘Kharma Police’ and ‘Street Spirit’, Jamiroquai’s ‘Virtual Insanity’ and Blur’s ‘Universal’. His debut feature film, Sexy Beast (2000), received critical acclaim around the world. Starring Ray Winstone and Ben Kinsley, this was not your typical British gangster movie and breathed new life into a tired genre.

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