January 2, 2017


Joseph Losey (1909-1984) b. Wisconsin, USA.

Joseph Losey

Losey has worked in Britain since the early fifties when he left Hollywood as a result of the witch-hunting of the McCarthy era. His first British films were directed under pseudonyms. Losey’s preoccupation with class and social order are discernible as far back as The Gypsy and the Gentleman (1958) and recur in Eve (1962), The Servant (1963), King and Country (1964), Accident (1967), The Secret Ceremony (1968), Figures in a Landscape (1970) and The Go-Between (1971). Constantly demonstrating the limitations that beset his heroes, Losey traps them in a struggle they cannot win. His visual sense is acute, his poetic awareness intense. Losey moved to France in the early 1970′s before returning to make one more film in England (Steaming) before his death in 1984.

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