January 2, 2017


Karel Reisz (1926-2002) b. Ostava, Czechoslovakia.

Karel Reisz

Domiciled in Britain since leaving Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia during his childhood, Karel Reisz was a critic for Sequence and other publications before producing and directing a number of Free Cinema documentary shorts and advertising films before moving into feature films. His first feature film, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960), was one of the most acceptable products of the British new wave period. He worked in conjunction with Lindsay Anderson and Tony Richardson and became became one of the leading figures in the ‘New Wave’ of British-film making. His career moved to Hollywood in the mid-1970s with mixed success, but The French Lieutenant’s Woman (1981) became a critically acclaimed masterpiece. His final years were spent concentrating on theatre direction in London, Dublin and Paris. Reisz died in London at the age of 76.

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