January 2, 2017


Michael Relph (1915-2004) b. Broadstone, Dorset, England, UK

Michael Relph

Michael Relph was the son of leading West End actor George Relph. Educated at Bembridge School, he became an apprentice under Alfred Junge at Gaumont-British Studios in 1932. Relph remained a theatrical designer and art director throughout the 1930′s, often for Michael Balcon. From 1942 he was chief art director at Ealing. He graduated to producer and occasional writer in 1946, establishing a regular partnership with Basil Dearden which survived Ealing’s demise. In some cases the pair were jointly credited at Ealing with ‘production and direction’, but Davy (1957) was still regarded as Relph’s debut as director. Later, he again directed occasionally, with Dearden as producer; Rockets Galore (1958). Later in his career, Relph specialised as a producer only, forming Allied Filmmakers in the early 1960s. He subsequently occupied Balcon’s old position as Chairman of the B.F.I. Production Board formerly Experimental Film Fund.

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