January 2, 2017


Peter Cattaneo (1964-) b. England.

Peter Cattaneo

While still a student at the Royal College of Art, Peter Cattaneo directed commercials, made an award winning music video for Miller Lite, and saw his live action short, Dear Rosie (1990), nominated for an Academy Award. After graduating Cattaneo turned to television, directing The Full Wax and Diary of a Teenage Health Freak’, as well as a number of commercials. In 1995, he directed his first feature-length project, the BBC film Loved Up (1995). Shot on 16mm and starring Lena Headey and Ian Hart, it tells the story of a teenage girl’s drift into the rave culture. Shortly afterwards, Cattaneo received the script for The Full Monty (1997), a lightweight comedy-drama contrasting the backdrop of economic decline with the humorous adventures of a group of unemployed steel workers who trade their self-respect to become strippers. Its ensuing commercial success earned the film four Academy Award nominations. In 2000, he embarked on a follow-up project, Lucky Break (2001), a comedy about a group of inmates who stage a musical to cover up their escape, it was treated with eager expectation by fans of the Cattaneo’s previous work but failed to deliver.

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