January 2, 2017


Roy Boulting (1913-2001) b. Bray, England.

Roy Boulting

The twin brother of John Boulting, producer/director Roy Boulting spent the bulk of his film career in partnership with his sibling. Both men attended Toronto’s McGill University, both entered the British film industry in the early 1930s, and both teamed to form Charter Films in 1937. In most of their subsequent film projects including Thunder Rock (1942), Desert Victory (1943), Single-Handed (1953), Brothers in Law (1957) and Twisted Nerve (1968), John produced and Roy directed. Their positions were reversed in films like Brighton Rock (1947) and Heavens Above! (1963). In 1963, the Boultings joined the board of the directors of the flagging British Lion Film Corporation, and have been credited with bringing that sleeping giant back to life. While both brothers evinced a preoccupation with droll wit and satire, they were adept at virtually any film genre. Evidently, it was Roy Boulting who enjoyed the most active social life; among his six wives was actress Hayley Mills.

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