January 2, 2017


Seth Holt (1923-1971) b. Palestine.

Seth Holt, brother-in-law of Robert Hamer, worked as an actor before joining Ealing in 1944 as assistant editor, graduating to editor in 1949, producer in 1955 and made his directorial bow with a melodrama, Nowhere to Go (1958). Subsequently he edited The Battle of the Sexes (1959) and Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960). Films as director outside Ealing included Taste of Fear (1961), Station Six Sahara (1962), The Nanny (1965) and Danger Route (1967). In 1969, Holt was slated to direct the pioneering youth-alienation fantasy If…, but his health and morale had deteriorated to the point that Lindsay Anderson was obliged to take over direction. Seth Holt died of heart failure and exhaustion the age of 48 while shooting Blood from the Tomb (1971).

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