January 2, 2017


A Bridge Too Far – 1977 | 176 mins | War, Drama | Colour


Plot Synopsis

A Bridge Too Far

Richard Attenborough‘s epic all-star re-creation of the Arnhem debacle: Field Marshal Montgomery and General Eisenhower�s plan to parachute 35,000 Allied troops into the Netherlands and take six bridges that would have shortened the war considerably. Operation Market Garden was the codename of this allied operation towards the end of the W.W.II that all went horribly wrong, bad weather conditions and the troops running into a Panzer division resting in Arnhem that wasn’t supposed to be there. The battle scenes are highly effective and everyone is on parade for this one: Dirk Bogarde, the cool c-in-c; Edward Fox, the larger-than-life Horrocks; Gene Hackman a heroic Pole; Anthony Hopkins stoically surrounded; plus Connery, Caine, Redford, Olivier and all.

Production Team

Richard Attenborough: Director
Alan Tomkins: Art Direction
Roy Stannard: Art Direction
Stuart Craig: Art Direction
Geoffrey Unsworth: Cinematography
Anthony Mendleson: Costume Design
Antony Gibbs: Editing
Nick Maley: Makeup Department
Tom Smith: Makeup Department
Ernest Gasser: Makeup Department
Ronnie Cogan: Makeup Department
John Addison: Music
Joseph E Levine: Producer
Richard P Levine: Producer
Terence Marsh: Production Design
William Goldman: Script
Peter Horrocks: Sound Department
Simon Kaye: Sound Department
Les Wiggins: Sound Department
John Richardson: Special Effects


Dirk Bogarde: Lt Gen Frederick Browning
James Caan: Sgt Eddie Dohun
Michael Caine: Lt Col Joe Vandeleur
Sean Connery: Maj Gen Robert Urquhart
Edward Fox: Lt Gen Brian Horrocks
Elliott Gould: Col Bobby Stout
Gene Hackman: Maj Gen Stanislaw Sosabowski
Anthony Hopkins: Lt Col John Frost
Hardy Kruger: Gen Ludwig
Laurence Olivier: Dr Spaander
Ryan O’Neal: Brig Gen James Gavin
Robert Redford: Maj Julian Cook
Maximilian Schell: Lt Gen Wilhelm Bittrich

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