January 2, 2017


A Cottage on Dartmoor – 1929 | 77mins | Drama | B&W – Silent


Plot Synopsis

A Cottage on Dartmoor

In a small Devonshire town, Joe, a young hairdresser, falls in love with Sally, the pretty manicurist in the shop where he is employed. The young man finally invites her to go out with him for an evening. She accepts; but it is soon apparent that she does not return his interest. Nevertheless, Joe persists. Into the shop – with some frequency – comes a young farmer who does not disguise his interest in Sally. He takes her to the cinema (one of the new ‘talking films’) and Joe, filled with jealousy, follows them. From the row behind he watches their happiness, and rushes out of the cinema in great distress.

Next morning the young farmer comes into the shop for a shave. Joe notices that Sally is wearing an engagement ring. Desperate, he leans over the farmer, a razor in his hand. There is a struggle, and the razor wounds the farmer. Sally is convinced that he had attempted to murder her lover, and Joe is sent to Dartmoor. A few years later, Joe escapes and finds his way to a cottage which he knows is owned by the farmer he attacked. Sally, now the farmer’s wife takes pity on him and hides him. Warders, however, trace Joe to the cottage and he is shot down while trying to escape. He dies in the arms of Sally, whom he still loves.

Excerpt� ‘Puffin Asquith’ by R.J. Minney.

Production Team

Anthony Asquith: Director
Ian Campbell-Gray: Art Direction
Stanley Rodwell: Cinematography
Axel Lindblom: Cinematography
Ralph Smart: Continuity
William Hodgson: Original Music
H Bruce Woolfe: Producer
Anthony Asquith: Script
Max Stern: Technical Supervisor


Norah Baring: Sally
Uno Henning: Joe
Hans Schlettow: Farmer
Judd Green: Customer

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