January 2, 2017


A Cup of Kindness – 1934 | 81 mins | Romance, Comedy | B&W

Plot Synopsis

A Cup of Kindness

Aldwych farce updating Romeo and Juliet and concerning the feud between two families. The long-standing feud between the Tutts and the Ramsbottoms seems to be at an end when Charlie Tutt (Ralph Lynn) marries Betty Ramsbottom (Dorothy Hyson), but the young couple come under suspicion of fraud and chaos ensues.

Production Team

Tom Walls: Director
Alfred Junge: Art Direction
Philip Tannura: Cinematography
Alfred Roome: Editing
Michael Balcon: Producer
Ben Travers: Script


Veronica Rose: Tilly Wynn
Eva Moore: Mrs Tutt
Ralph Lynn: Charlie Tutt
Tom Walls: Fred Tutt
J Fisher White: Vicar
Marie Wright: Mrs Ramsbottom
Robertson Hare: Ernest Ramsbottom
DA Clarke-Smith: Mr Finch
Gordon James: Nicholas Ramsbottom
Claude Hulbert: Stanley Tutt

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