January 2, 2017


A Gentleman of Paris – 1931 | 78 mins | Crime | B&W

Plot Synopsis

A Gentleman of Paris

Dated but powerful drama. A respected Paris judge (Arthur Wontner), in private life a philanderer, witnesses a murder under circumstances he would rather conceal. In time he has to try the case. The accused is his ex-mistress (Phyllis Konstam) and the judge declines to come forward. The jury finds her guilty. Instead of sentencing her, conscience causes the judge to at last reveal the truth, saving the life of an innocent woman at the expense of his own career.

Production Team

Sinclair Hill: Director
Andrew Mazzei: Art Direction
Mutz Greenbaum: Cinematography
Michael Balcon: Producer
Sewell Collins: Script
Sidney Gilliat: Script


Vanda Gr�ville: Paulette Gerrard
Arthur Wontner: Judge Le Fevre
Hugh Williams: Gaston Gerrard
Phyllis Konstam: Madeleine
Sybil Thorndike: Lola Duval
Arthur Goullet: Bagot
George Merritt: M Duval

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