January 2, 2017


A Hole Lot of Trouble – 1969 | 27 mins | Comedy | Colour

Plot Synopsis

A Hole Lot of Trouble

A “Screen Miniature” made at Rayant Studios, Bushey, Hertfordshire. The comedy-short was based on an original story from and directed by second-feature specialist Francis Searle. Comedy featurette about three council workmen (Victor Maddern, Bill Maynard and Brian Weske) digging a hole in Dick Turpin road to fit an electrical cable extension and the lives of those that surround them. Electricity board officials Whitehouse (Arthur Lowe) and Longbottom (Tim Barrett) are convinced the hole is being dug in the wrong place and should be near the premises of effeminate fashion photographer Charles.

Production Team

Francis Searle: Director
C Wilfred Arnold: Art Direction
Terry Maher: Cinematography
Peter Mayhew: Film Editing
Francis Searle: Producer
Ian Flintoff: Script


Arthur Lowe: Whitehouse
Victor Maddern: Percy
Bill Maynard: Bill
Tim Barrett: Longbottom
Ken Parry: Charles
Neal Arden: Military Type Man
Hani Borelle: Fenella
Leslie Dwyer: Evangelist
Benny Lee: Bert
Georgina Simpson: Carol
Brian Weske: Digby

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