January 2, 2017


A Kind of Hush – 1998 | 95 mins | Drama | Colour

Plot Synopsis

A Kind of Hush

Brian Stirner made his directorial debut with this psychologically vague drama about child abuse and its consequences.

Six King’s Cross rent are bound by a terrible secret. They were hurt by adults as children and they become self-styled ‘vigilantes’ in order to take revenge on sexual molesters, but as confidence grows they target their former tormentors. Leading the motley rebel crew, Stu (Harley Smith) is the only one who has something of a normal life. He lives in a hotel where he is an apprentice and friends with the managers, Chef (Roy Hudd) and Beryl (Jeanie Drynan), however, he is drawn into the conflagration as well.

Production Team

Brian Stirner: Director
Peter Robinson: Art Direction
Jacek Petrycki: Cinematography
Verity Hawkes: Costume Design
David Martin: Editing
Richard Brindle: Executive Producer
Sue Parkinson: Make-up Dept
Arvo Pärt: Original Music
Roger Randall-Cutler: Producer
Mark Stevenson: Production Design
Brian Stirner: Script
Jim Greenhorn: Sound Dept
Steve Mayer: Sound Dept


Harley Smith: Stu
Marcella Plunkett: Kathleen
Nathan Constance: Tony
Ben Roberts: Simon
Paul Williams: Mick
Peter Saunders: Wivva
Mike Fibbens: Fish
Roy Hudd: Chef

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