January 2, 2017


A Kind of Loving – 1962 | 112 mins | Drama | B&W


Plot Synopsis

A Kind of Loving

A Kind of Loving was John Schlesinger‘s first feature film, a ‘kitchen sink’ drama based on the novel by Stan Barstow.

Vic Brown (Alan Bates) is an easygoing Lancashire lad who works as a draughtsman in a local factory. Vic�s trouble-free life begins to unravel simply because he begins an affair with a woman in the typing pool, Ingrid (June Ritchie), and after several dates they eventually sleep together. Ingrid becomes pregnant, and thanks to the interference of their friends, neighbours and – worst of all – her tyrannical mother (Thora Hird), they’re forced into marriage. Their relationship quickly sours when they begin living with her overbearing, Ingrid suffers a miscarriage and Vic is now annoyed that he wed so hastily. Soon Vic and Ingrid realise that their marriage is just a fragile relationship based solely on sex, but they decide to persevere in the hope of finding �a kind of loving�. Schlesinger treats the unhappy couple with warmth, humour – and without a hint of condescension.

Production Team

John Schlesinger: Director
Ray Simm: Art Direction
Denys N Coop: Cinematography
Laura Nightingale: Costume Design
Roger Cherrill: Editing
Ron Grainer: Original Music
Joseph Janni: Producer
Willis Hall: Script
Keith Waterhouse: Script


Alan Bates: Vic
June Ritchie: Ingrid
Thora Hird: Mrs Rothwell
Bert Palmer: Mr Brown
Malcolm Patton: Jim Brown
Gwen Nelson: Mrs Brown
Pat Keen: Christine
David Mahlowe: David
Jack Smethurst: Conroy
James Bolam: Jeff
Leonard Rossiter: Whymper

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