January 2, 2017


A Man on the Beach – 1955 | 30 mins | Crime | Colour

Plot Synopsis

A Man on the Beach

With the help of his hapless chauffeur, a Machiavellian criminal robs a casino in the South of France disguised as duchess; the crook is then forced to hide out with a blind recluse. Mildly diverting B-movie directed by Joseph Losey, then resident in Britain after the McCarthy witch-hunts.

Production Team

Joseph Losey: Director
Edward Marshall: Art Direction
Wilkie Cooper: Cinematography
Henry Richardson: Editing
Phil Leakey: Make-up Department
John Hotchkis: Original Music
Anthony Hinds: Producer
Jimmy Sangster: Script


Donald Wolfit: Carter
Michael Medwin: Max
Michael Ripper: Chauffeur
Alex de Gallier: Casiono manager
Edward Forsyth: Clement

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