January 2, 2017


A Night to Remember – 1958 | 123 mins | Drama | B&W


Plot Synopsis

A Night to Remember

Enthralling true-life drama based on Walter Lord�s best-seller A Night to Remember that meticulously chronicles the sinking of the Titanic. Despite lacking the romantic factor of James Cameron�s 1997 blockbuster, this definitive earlier re-telling is certainly a more gripping and accurate portrayal of human tragedy; any inaccuracies can be put down to a lack of knowledge at the time of production. Roy Ward Baker�s snappy direction gives the film a documentary feel and Eric Ambler�s taut script, which boasts over two hundred speaking parts, captures the tension superbly.

April 14th 1912. The giant liner Titanic, acclaimed as ‘unsinkable’, leaves Southampton on her maiden voyage across the Atlantic to New York. Carrying over 2000 passengers, a series of human errors lead the ship to strike an iceberg off Newfoundland, ripping a 300-foot-gash below sea level. Amongst the ships passengers are the boat�s designer Thomas Andrews (Michael Goodliffe), White Star Line chairman Bruce Ismay (Frank Lawton), and “Unsinkable” Molly Brown (Tucker McGuire). The Titanic�s fraught wireless operators, Jack and Bride (Kenneth Griffith and David McCallum), desperately try to summon help. Captain Smith (Laurence Naismith) orders distress rockets to be launched, but a nearby ship, the Californian, dismisses them as fireworks. Less than three hours later, the ship is abandoned. Despite the efforts of Second Officer Lightoller (Kenneth More) in marshalling lifeboats, and Captain Rostron (Anthony Bushell) of the Carpathia rushing to the scene, only 705 are saved due to a lack of lifeboats and the freezing Atlantic conditions.

Production Team

Roy Ward Baker: Director
Alex Vetchinsky: Art Direction
Geoffrey Unsworth: Cinematography
Yvonne Caffin: Costume Design
Sidney Hayers: Editing
Pauline Trent: Makeup Department
WT Partleton: Makeup Department
Muir Mathieson: Music Direction
William Alwyn: Original music
William MacQuitty: Producer
Eric Ambler: Script
Geoffrey Daniels: Sound Department
Gordon K McCallum: Sound Department
Harry Miller: Sound Department


Kenneth More: Herbert Lightoller
Honor Blackman: Mrs Lucas
Anthony Bushell: Capt Rostron
Ronald Allen: Clarke
Jane Downs: Mrs Lightoller
Robert Ayres: Peuchen
Jill Dixon: Mrs Clarke
James Dyrenforth: Col Gracie
Michael Goodliffe: Thomas Andrews
Kenneth Griffith: Phillips

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