January 2, 2017


A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square – 1979 | 110 mins | Crime, Comedy | Colour


Plot Synopsis

A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square

Humdrum crime caper directed by comedy veteran Ralph Thomas and written by b-movie scribe Guy Elmes, involving a recently released ex-convict who is coerced into assisting in a daring bank heist. David Niven is cast against type as a ruthless gangster, Gloria Grahame appears in one of her last roles as a semi-retired American musical-comedy star, and glamorous Elke Sommer is splendidly cast as a bank manager’s sexy secretary.

American ex-convict �Pinky� Green (Richard Jordan) leaves his London jail determined to go straight, and as a qualified electrician, he finds employment with Global Group Security. They in turn send him to work at the high security Atlantic and Pacific Bank in Mayfair. Pinky is blackmailed by suave criminal mastermind Ivan the Terrible (David Niven) into joining his audacious assault on the Berkeley Square bank. He doesn�t trust the gangster to honour their agreement after the heist so ropes in good friend Foxy (Oliver Tobias) to collect his share of the loot and bury it.

After the heist, Inspector Watford (Richard Johnson) is put in charge of investigating the case, and after discovering the numbers to the combination safe in Pinky�s jacket pocket it looks like he�s facing a lengthy spell behind bars � so he offers to assist the police in return for a light sentence. Meanwhile, Ivan hops on the hovercraft for Calais to avoid arrest. Unfortunately, in court the judge sentences Pinky to seven years, and the likeable rogue has to quickly think on his feet.

Production Team

Ralph Thomas: Director
Tony Curtis: Art Direction
John Coquillon: Cinematography
Emma Porteus: Costume Design
Peter Boita: Film Editing
Freddie Williamson: Makeup Department
Betty Glasow: Makeup Department
Stanley Myers: Original Music
Benjamin Fisz: Producer
Lionel Couch: Production Design
Guy Elmes: Script
Gerry Humphreys: Sound
Simon Kaye: Sound


Richard Johnson: Inspector Watford
Gloria Grahame: Ma
Elke Sommer: Miss Pelham
David Niven: Ivan
Oliver Tobias: Foxy
Richard Jordan: Pinky

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