January 2, 2017


A Place of One’s Own – 1945 | 92 mins | Drama, Thriller | B&W

Plot Synopsis

A Place of One's Own

Wonderfully atmospheric ghost story based on the novel by Osbert Sitwel, starring James Mason, Barbara Mullen, Margaret Lockwood, Dennis Price and Dulcie Gray. Mason and Mullen are artificially aged to play the old couple but the pair of thirty-something actors are dreadfully miscast and fail to convince despite being heavily made-up. Largely ignored on release, A Place of One’s Own possesses a certain eerie charm and is well worth watching.

Mr and Mrs Smedhurst (Mason and Mullen) are a middle-aged business couple wanting to retire. They find an old but cheap mansion in the country that has been vacant for 40 years, Bellingham House, and proceed to buy it. They move in along with their servants and soon learn the house is supposedly haunted � but Mr Smedhurst in particular is sceptical of the paranormal myth. They invite a young companion, Annette (Margaret Lockwood), to join them but within days of arriving she steadily begins hearing strange voices. The new owners learn that a young invalid girl was believed to have been murdered 40 years previously in the house � and their preconceptions of the supernatural are challenged.

When the spirit of the murdered girl possesses Annette, her health declines drastically and soon she�s at deaths door. A young doctor, Dr Selbie (Dennis Price), has fallen deeply in love with Annette and attempts to cure her but to no avail. In a state of delirium, Annette calls for old Dr Marsham (Ernest Thesiger), the GP who had attended to the dead girl 40 years earlier.

Production Team

Bernard Knowles: Director
Stephen Dade: Cinematography
Elizabeth Haffenden: Costume Design
A Charles Knott: Film Editing
Hubert Bath: Original Music
RJ Minney: Producer
Brock Williams: Script


Margaret Lockwood: Annette
James Mason: Mr Smedhurst
Barbara Mullen: Mrs Smedhurst
Dennis Price: Dr Selbie
Helen Haye: Mrs Manning-Tutthorn
Michael Shepley: Major Manning-Tutthorn
Dulcie Gray: Sara
Moore Marriott: George
Ernest Thesiger: Dr Marsham

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