January 2, 2017


A Room for Romeo Brass – 1999 | 90 mins | Drama | Colour


Plot Synopsis

A Room for Romeo Brass

Dark coming-of-age drama from acclaimed director Shane Meadows, A Room for Romeo Brass is a contemporary story that is as funny as it is frightening. Meadows whimsical passage of rites story quickly transforms into an unnerving urban fable buoyed by Considine’s schizophrenic performances and surges of unforeseen rage.

Set in working-class Nottingham, twelve-year-old Romeo (Andrew Shim) and friend Gavin (Ben Marshall) live next door to each other. They are inseparable best mates with a shared sense of humour that helps them to survive in a landscape of comic losers and broken dreams. But their friendship is put to the test by a chance encounter with an enigmatic and dangerous stranger10 years their senior, Morell (Paddy Considine).

When unemployed Morell saves them from being beaten up, the boys are only too happy to help their new hero and pal in his quest to date Romeo’s teenage sister Ladine (Vicky McClure). Morell doesn’t take rejection well, little do the boys realise that they are being drawn into a world of dangerous obsession, violence and desperation, a world that threatens to tear the two friends apart.

Production Team

Shane Meadows: Director
Ashley Rowe: Cinematography
Robin Fraser-Paye: Costume Design
Paul Tothill: Editing
Andras Hamori: Executive Producer
David M Thompson: Executive Producer
Ronaldo Vasconcellos: Line Producer
Nick Hemming: Original Music
George Faber: Producer
Charles Pattinson: Producer
Crispian Sallis: Production Design
Paul Fraser: Script
Shane Meadows: Script
Paul Hamblin: Sound Department
Jon Hemming: Sound Department
Colin Nicolson: Sound Department


Andrew Shim: Romeo Brass
Ben Marshall: Gavin \’Knock Knock\’ Wooley
Paddy Considine: Morell
Frank Harper: Joe Brass
Julia Ford: Sandra Woolley
James Higgins: Bill Woolley
Vicky McClure: Ladine Brass
Ladene Hall: Carol Brass
Bob Hoskins: Home Tutor

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