January 2, 2017


A Sense of Freedom – 1979 | 81 mins | Crime, Drama | Colour


Plot Synopsis

A Sense of Freedom

Made for Scottish television by George Harrison�s Handmade Films and later released as a feature film, this fact-based drama on the life of convicted murderer, Jimmy Boyle, is based on the screenplay of Scottish playwright Peter McDougall and filmed in a semi-documentary style by John Mackenzie.

Beginning in the early 1960s, Jimmy Boyle(David Hayman) is small-time gangster running a money-lending and protection racket in his native Glasgow neighbourhood until he is challenged by a rival gang and so badly beaten he is hospitalised. The police, led by Insp. Davidson (Fulton Mackay), are on Boyle�s case, and whilst he walks free from the first trial, he is sentenced to life imprisonment in 1967 for murder. Boyle moved from prison,always showing utter contempt for the warders and spending much of his time in solitary confinement. He is eventually transferred to his hometown and Glasgow�s Barlinnie Prison and during his time in the prison�s Special Unit, wrote hisauto biography �Sense of Freedom�.

Production Team

John Mackenzie: Director
Chris Menges: Cinematography
Tudor George: Costume Design
Rory Gallagher: Original Music
Frankie Miller: Original Music
Jeremy Isaacs: Producer
Geoff Nixon: Production Design
Peter McDougall: Script
Tony Anscombe: Sound Department


David Hayman: Jimmy Boyle
Martin Black: Bobbie
Jake D’Arcy: Robbie
Roy Hanlon: Chief Officer
Fulton Mackay: Inspector Davidson
John Murtagh: Piper
Alex Norton: Malkie
Sean Scanlon: Jackie

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