January 2, 2017


A Shot in the Dark – 1933 | 53 mins | Thriller, Mystery | B&W


Plot Synopsis

A Shot in the Dark

Typical multi-suspect �quota quickie� whodunit adapted from a novel by Gerard Fairlie. O.B. Clarence�s Reverend Makehan joins the illustrious ranks of genial clerical detectives including G.K. Chesterton�s Father Brown.

Peter Browne (A. Bromley Davenport) is a generally detested wealthy old miser that has always lived in fear of being murdered for his inheritance and resides in a creepy house with electrified security. One stormy night Brown is found dead, having apparently committed suicide. At the inquest the coroner returns a verdict of death by suicide. An onlooker at the inquest is local clergyman Reverend Makehan (O.B. Clarence), and he unsubtly gate-crashes the gramophone recording of the will by hitting a golf ball into the room where the relatives are congregated. Makehan is dissatisfied with the suicide verdict and decides to investigate the case. Several family members emerge as likely suspects and confess to the crime, but only one of them actually committed the crime. In true Holmesian style, Makehan recreates the murder scene and exposes the killer.

Production Team

George Pearson: Director
Julius Hagen: Producer
H Fowler Mear: Script


A Bromley Davenport: Peter Browne
Dorothy Boyd: Alaris Browne
OB Clarence: Rev John Makehan
Jack Hawkins: Norman Paull
Russell Thorndike: Dr Stuart
Michael Shepley: Vivien Waugh
Davy Burnaby: Col Michael Browne
Hugh E Wright: George Yarrow
Henrietta Watson: Angela Browne

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