January 2, 2017


A Sister to Assist ‘Er – 1927 | | Comedy | B&W

Plot Synopsis

A Sister to Assist 'Er

John Le Breton’s stage farce A Sister to Assist ‘Er must hold some sort of record for film adaptations; at least five versions were produced over a twenty-year period, each version directed by George Dewhurst. Kicked out of her lodgings for non-payment of rent, Mrs. Millie May (Mary Brough) decides to get even with her landlady. Disguising herself as her own wealthy twin sister, Mrs. May sweeps majestically back into the boarding house. This time, the landlady is the personification of grovelling subservience, waiting on our heroine hand and foot in hopes of a huge cash gratuity. The fun really starts when several other characters descend upon Mrs. May, hoping to benefit from her generosity. Review� Hal Erickson

Production Team

George Dewhurst: Director
Maurice Elvey: Producer
Victor Saville: Producer
V Gareth Gundrey: Producer
George Dewhurst: Script


Alf Goddard: Sailor
Jack Harris: Alf
Humberston Wright: Mr Mull
Mary Brough: Mrs May
Pollie Emery: Mrs Mull
A Bromley Davenport: Jim

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