January 2, 2017


A Twist of Sand – 1967 | 90 mins | Action, Adventure | Colour

Plot Synopsis

A Twist of Sand

British adventure yarn based on the novel by Geoffrey Jenkins about a pair of black market rogues hunting a hidden cache of diamonds in Africa. Directed by Don Chaffey from Marvin H. Albert�s screenplay, this lacklustre fortune adventure had long past its sell-by date by 1967. Jeremy Kemp and Peter Vaughan overact flamboyantly whilst Honor Blackman is severely underused.

Geoffrey Peace (Richard Johnson) is an ex-WWII submarine commander who makes his post-war living by smuggling weapons around the Mediterranean with old shipmate David (Roy Dotrice). Peace is a man haunted by his past; during WWII he was assigned the mission of finding and destroying a revolutionary Nazi U-boat and ordered to ensure there are no surviving crew members.

An associate and opportunist, Harry Riker (Jeremy Kemp) persuades Peace to ferry himself, a German named Johann (Peter Vaughan) and widow Julie Chambois (Honor Blackman) to the virtually inaccessible Skeleton Coast of Africa to retrieve some hidden diamonds in. The soldiers of fortune trek through the South West African desert to reach a fortune in diamonds aboard a rotting Spanish galleon.

Production Team

Don Chaffey: Director
John Wilcox: Cinematography
Alastair McIntyre: Film Editing
Tristram Cary: Original Music
Fred Engel: Producer
John Stoll: Production Design
Marvin H Albert: Script
Norman Bolland: Sound Department
Jim Shields: Sound Department


Richard Johnson: Geoffrey Peace
Honor Blackman: Julie Chambois
Jeremy Kemp: Harry Riker
Peter Vaughan: Johann

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