January 2, 2017


A View to a Kill – 1985 | 126mins | Action, Thriller | Colour


Plot Synopsis

A View to a Kill

Agent 003 is on a mission in Siberia, investigating reports that the KGB have obtained computer chips resistant to electromagnetic pulses. With these chips they can build computer equipment that will work after a nuclear explosion, but the only factory making these chips is in the West and is owned by Zorin Industries – a company owned by the wealthy industrialist Max Zorin (Christopher Walken).

Agent 003 is killed, but James Bond (Roger Moore) retrieves the sample chip he had stolen from the KGB. If there is a leak to the KGB from somewhere, then Zorin Industries is the place to start. Bond investigates Zorin’s operations in England, then follows Zorin to his stables in France. He discovers a secret laboratory beneath the stables, and evidence indicating that Zorin is the product of Nazi genetic experimentation. Zorin becomes aware of Bond’s investigations and attempts to have him killed.

Zorin heads for San Francisco, and Bond follows. Joining forces with seismologist Stacey Sutton (Tanya Roberts), Bond discovers that Zorin plans to use a massive amount of explosive to flood a series of oil wells he owns along the sides of the San Andreas fault. The subsequent seismic activity would cause the fault to slip, sending California’s Silicon Valley plunging into ocean. The primary manufacturers of computer chips would be destroyed, and the value of Zorin’s company (safe elsewhere) would shoot through the roof. Bond and Stacey intercept the trigger bomb, aided by May Day (Grace Jones) – the henchwoman: Zorin abandons – and ensure it explodes far from the main mass of explosive. Zorin kidnaps Stacey and whisks her away in his escape airship, but Bond gives chase and confronts Zorin atop the Golden Gate Bridge, from where Zorin plunges to his death.

Production Team

John Glen: Director
John Fenner: Art Direction
Alan Hume: Cinematography
Emma Porteus: Costume Design
Peter Davies: Editing
Ramon Gow: Makeup Department
George Frost: Makeup Department
John Barry: Original Music
Albert R Broccoli: Producer
Peter Lamont: Production Design
Michael G Wilson: Script
Richard Maibaum: Script
Derek Ball: Sound
Colin Miller: Sound
Patrick Moriarty: Sound


Roger Moore: James Bond
Christopher Walken: Max Zorin
Tanya Roberts: Stacey Sutton
Grace Jones: May Day
Patrick Macnee: Sir Godfrey Tibbett
Patrick Bauchau: Scarpine
David Yip: Chuck Lee
Fiona Fullerton: Pola Ivanova
Manning Redwood: Bob Conley
Alison Doody: Jenny Flex
Willoughby Gray: Dr Carl Mortner
Desmond Llewelyn: Q
Robert Brown: M
Lois Maxwell: Miss Moneypenny
Walter Gotell: General Gogol
Geoffrey Keen: Minister of Defence

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