January 2, 2017


A Warm Corner – 1930 | 104 mins | Comedy | B&W

Plot Synopsis

A Warm Corner

Comedian Leslie Henson�s first talkie was this comedy casting him as Charles Corner, a millionaire business magnate who takes a holiday in Monte Carlo. Encouraged by his friend Turner (Alfred Wellesley), Charles begins a brief flirtation with a lovely young woman called Mimi (Heather Thatcher). Later he returns home. His indiscretion is nearly exposed when he discovers Mimi is the wife of a friend�s nephew, and a surprise houseguest. Mimi saves the day by claiming that Turner was her lover.

Production Team

Victor Saville: Director
Walter Murton: Art Direction
Freddie Young: Cinematography
Maclean Rogers: Editing
Michael Balcon: Producer
Laurie Wylie): Script
Arthur Wimperis: Script
Ernst Bach: Script
Victor Saville: Script
Angus MacPhail: Script
AW Wilkins: Sound


Leslie Henson: Mr Corner
Heather Thatcher: Mimi
Austin Melford: Peter Price
Connie Ediss: Mrs Corner
Toni Edgar-Bruce: Lady Bayswater
Alfred Wellesley: Mr Turner

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