January 2, 2017


A Weekend with Lulu – 1961 | 89 mins | Comedy | B&W

Plot Synopsis

A Weekend with Lulu

Breezy farce spiced with Gallic wisecracks as four characters set for a romantic weekend on the coast, but land in France for a series of misadventures. Bob Monkhouse, Leslie Phillips and Alfred Marks play off each other energetically, whilst Irene Handl is wonderful as the interfering busybody. The supporting cast includes popular comic character include Graham Stark and future Carry On farceurs Kenneth Connor and Sidney James.

A pair of young lovers, Timothy (Leslie Phillips) and Deirdre (Shirley Eaton), attempt to take off on a romantic weekend for two in his pal Fred’s (Bob Monkhouse) ice cream van and towed caravan, affectionately called “Lulu.” When Diedre’s mother Flo (Irene Handl) invites herself along, Timothy’ plans are somewhat altered. A ferry boat mix-up finds the foursome, counting Lulu in France where they run into a variety of unwelcome Frenchmen. As they endeavour to return to England, hotly pursued by the police, they are forced to seek refuge at the French chateau of sex-obsessed Count de Grenoble (Alfred Marks) � who takes an immediate shine to Deidre. At the caf� of English squaddie-turned-patron (Sid James), Fred wins a major gamble with the locals when Timothy comes home first during a leg of the Tour de France. Chased by irate cyclists, rogues, and distraught police, they are subsequently rushed through customs and aboard a plane bound for Blighty.

Production Team

John Paddy Carstairs: Director
John Howell: Art Direction
Ken Hodges: Cinematography
Maude Churchill: Costume Design
Tom Simpson: Film Editing
James Needs: Film Editing
Dick Bonnor-Morris: Makeup Department
Russ Conway: Original Music
Ted Lloyd: Producer
Val Valentine: Script
Ted Lloyd: Script
Bill Salter: Sound Department


Bob Monkhouse: Fred Scrutton
Leslie Phillips: Timothy Gray
Alfred Marks: Comte de Grenoble
Shirley Eaton: Deirdre Proudfoot
Irene Handl: Florence Bell
Sid James: Caf� Patron
Kenneth Connor: British Tourist
Sydney Tafler: Stationmaster
Eugene Deckers: Inspector Larue
Graham Stark: Chiron
Tutte Lemkow: Postman L�on
Judith Furse: Mme Bon-Bon

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