January 2, 2017


Account Rendered – 1957 | 59 mins | Mystery | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Account Rendered

Efficient b-movie murder mystery based on Pamela Barrington�s 1953 pulp novel and directed by the tireless Peter Graham Scott. The plot is fairly straightforward but entertainingly interwoven by screenwriter Barbara S Harper and cinematographer Walter J. Harvey brings an air of tension to proceedings. The cast is entirely competent but a young pre-Bond Honor Blackman shines through.

Lucille (Ursula Howells), the heartless wife of banker Robert Ainsworth (Griffith Jones) is engaged in two extra-marital affairs with penniless artist Clive Franklyn (John Van Eyssen) and married bookmaker John Langford (Philip Gilbert). Her husband becomes suspicious and spends the day tailing his wife, ultimately to a rendezvous on a dusky Hampstead Heath, but just as he is about to confront his wife he slips and is apparently knocked unconscious.

Later that evening the body of Lucille is found strangled on the heath and Detective Inspector Marshall is put in charge of the investigation. Robert resists telling the police he had been following his wife and relies on fellow banker Gilbert Morgan to provide him with a bogus alibi. The hapless Robert sets about proving his innocence.

Production Team

Peter Graham Scott: Director
Norman G. Arnold: Art Direction
Walter J. Harvey: Cinematography
Tom Simpson: Film Editing
Jane Seymour: Makeup Department
Gene Beck: Makeup Department
Pamela Barrington: Novel
Francis Edge: Producer
Luigi Rovere: Producer
John Temple-Smith: Producer
Barbara S. Harper: Script
Stanley Marks: Sound


John Van Eyssen: Clive Franklyn
Philip Gilbert: John Langford
Carl Bernard: Gilbert Morga
Ewen Solon: Detective Inspector Marshall
Honor Blackman: Sarah Hayward
Ursula Howells: Lucille Ainsworth
Griffith Jones: Robert Ainsworth

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