January 2, 2017


Adolf Hitler – My Part in His Downfall – 1972 | 102 mins | Comedy, War | Colour


Plot Synopsis

Adolf Hitler - My Part in His Downfall

Zany World War II comedy based on the cynical wartime memoirs of acerbic comedian Spike Milligan. Norman Cohen�s undemanding screen adaptation is comprised of amusing anecdotes but lacks the anarchic humour or pathos that could have been extracted from the films premise. Milligan steals many a scene playing his own father, whilst Jim Dale is patently too old to portray the youthful conscript Spike.

Young jazz trumpeter Spike (Jim Dale) is enjoying a carefree existence when news arrives that Germany has invaded Poland and war is a distinct possibility � and thus it follows that Spike is enlisted when war breaks out. The story chronicles the adventures of Spike and his motley pals during his time as a naive conscript, as their rigorous basic training with the Royal Artillery at Bexhill gradually degenerates into a chaotic free-for-all. Spikes adventures include gunnery practise with an ancient artillery piece, witnessing his first dead German, a farcical inter-company boxing match and slapstick military manoeuvres.

Production Team

Norman Cohen: Director
Terry Maher: Cinematography
Wilfred Burns: Original Music
Norman Cohen: Producer
Gregory Smith: Producer
Johnny Byrne: Script
Norman Cohen: Script
Spike Milligan: Script


Jim Dale: Spike Milligan
Arthur Lowe: Maj Drysdale
Tony Selby: Bill
Bill Maynard: Sgt Ellis
Geoffrey Hughes: Larry
Spike Milligan: Leo Milligan
Pat Coombs: Mrs Milligan
Windsor Davies: Sgt MacKay
Stephen Yardley: Lt Martin
Bob Todd: Referee
Anthony Booth: Tommy Brettell

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