January 2, 2017


Age of Consent – 1969 | 103 mins | Drama | Colour


Plot Synopsis

Age of Consent

Disillusioned artist Brad Morahan escapes New York for his Australian homeland seeking solitude but instead discovers alcoholic Ma Ryan and her granddaughter Cora, who sits as his model. A visit from old acquaintance Nat Kelly ends with Kelly stealing $300 from Brad before leaving the island in a stolen boat. Ma discovers Brad has been sketching her granddaughter and in an argument with Cora, the old woman falls from a cliff and is killed. The police investigation finds that the fall was an accident, and Cora offers Brad her money to make up for that stolen by Kelly. Brad refuses, realising that the girl has restored meaning to his work and life. When Kelly is apprehended and the money returned, Brad and Cora are left to themselves at last.

Production Team

Michael Powell: Director
Dennis Gentle: Art Direction
Michael Pate: Associate Producer
Hannes Staudinger: Cinematography
Anna Senior: Costume Design
Anthony Buckley: Editing
Robert Hynard: Make-Up
Peggy Carter: Make-Up
Stanley Myers: Music
James Mason: Producer
Michael Powell: Producer
Peter Yeldham: Script
Norman Lindsay: Script
Lloyd Colman: Sound
Paul Ennis: Sound
Tim Wellburn: Sound


James Mason: Bradley Monahan
Helen Mirren: Cora Ryan
Jack MacGowran: Nat Kelly
Neva Carr-Glynn: Ma Ryan
Andonia Katsaros: Isabel Marley
Michael Boddy: Hendricks
Harold Hopkins: Ted Farrell
Slim DeGrey: Cooley

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