January 2, 2017


Age of Heroes – 2011 | 90 mins | Adventure | Colour


Plot Synopsis

Age of Heroes

Low-budget action film based on the true story of the formation of James Bond creator Ian Fleming’s 30 Commando, one of the most respected, secretive and exclusive special forces regiments formed during WWII, from which the now legendary SAS was born. Director Adrian Vitoria ransacks cinema history by borrowing elements of Where Eagles Dare, The Dirty Dozen and The Guns Of Navarone for every gung-ho clich� available and fails to develop any of the characters.

Retreating from the German advance in WW2 France, the young corporal Bob Rains (Danny Dyer) fearlessly leads his men out of danger to Dunkirk. But his rogue attitude costs him, and he’s sent to Dashwood military prison in Kent for insubordination. When the highly esteemed Captain Jack Jones (Sean Bean) shows up, Rains’s bravado and raw display of fighting skills impress Jones enough to recruit him for Lieutenant Commander Ian Fleming�s (James D’Arcy) fledgling 8-man ‘Commando’ unit. After weeks of mentally intense and physically gruelling training ops where Jones tests his men to their breaking point, they are quickly assigned their first mission; to parachute into occupied Norway and capture a deadly new radar technology from the Germans.

Production Team

Adrian Vitoria: Director
Johnny Campling: Art Direction
Oli van der Vijver: Art Direction
Mark Hamilton: Cinematography
Elvis Davis: Costume Design
Chris Gill: Film Editing
Joe Parsons: Film Editing
Luca Saccuman: Makeup Department
Sarah Jane Marks: Makeup Department
Alice Hopkins: Makeup Department
Wakana Yoshihara: Makeup Department
Michael Richard Plowman: Original Music
James Youngs: Producer
Nick O\’Hagan: Producer
James Brown: Producer
Lex Lutzus: Producer
Richard Campling: Production Design
Adrian Vitoria: Script
Ed Scates: Script
Zane Hayward: Sound
Ben Hooper: Sound
Mark Paterson: Sound
Keith Tunney: Sound


William Houston: Mac
John Dagleish: Roger Rollright
Aksel Hennie: Steinar
Rosie Fellner: Sophie Holbrook
Sebastian Street: Colonel Archer
Danny Dyer: Rains
James D’Arcy: Ian Fleming
Izabella Miko: Jensen
Sean Bean: Jones

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