January 2, 2017


Ali G Indahouse – 2002 | 88mins | Comedy | Colour


Plot Synopsis

Ali G Indahouse

Ali G Indahouse, is written by Sacha Baron Cohen along with his regular collaborator Dan Mazer, and is the directorial debut for Mike Mylod. The white gangsta rapper from Staines makes his inevitable transition from Channel 4′s Da Ali G Show to feature-length cinema. This film will not please everybody, some will criticize the rumoured editing of more risqu� scenes, while others will object to the sexist and homophobic leanings of Cohen’s legendary satirical character. But there�s nothing malicious in the relentlessly juvenile humour, the only disappointment is that the film fails to reach the level of subtlety and satire exuded by Ali�s interviews on the 11�O�Clock Show.

Following the closure of the John Nike Leisure Centre, Ali G (Sacha Baron Cohen), the self-styled leader of the West Staines Massive, embarks on a personal mission to save the centre by chaining himself to a bus stop in Staines. Ali unwittingly draws attention to himself from local MPs, who, in search of a new, young, intellectual needed to win the Staines bi-election, feel they have found their man. Persuading Ali that his best chance of saving the centre would be to run for Government, Ali G does just that, becoming Parliamentary candidate for Staines.

With the support of his Nan (Barbara New), his girlfriend Me Julie (Kellie Bright) and his best friend Ricky C (Martin Freeman), Ali G is duly elected in his hometown and abandoning his friends and family, heads to the Houses Of Parliament as the PM’s (Michael Gambon) right hand man. But all is not as it seems, for the scheming Deputy Prime Minister, Carlton (Charles Dance), is in fact hoping Ali will prove a liability and embarrass his indecisive leader, and so open the leadership door for himself.

However, with Ali’s �Keep It Real� manifesto, and youthful views on education, health and asylum seekers, the party goes from strength to strength in the polls, as one of the most important events in the political calendar draws near. Ali and an excited Julie don their finest attire to attend the World Summit Reception at Chequers but when Julie catches Ali flirting with the Chancellor’ foxy personal assistant Kate (Rhona Mitra) she rushes upstairs, where Ali finds her in tears in the PM’s room. Whilst the reception continues downstairs, Ali consoles Julie the only way he knows how unaware that their sexy frolics are being filmed on CCTV.

At the World Summit the following morning, the conference degenerates into uproar as the world’s leaders go into battle. Ali calms the delegates by adding his own special blend of leaves to the tea, saving the day and the PM, but unwittingly starting his own political demise, for the following day media speculation is rife that Ali G drugged the leaders of the world. At his lowest ebb, Ali is forced to resign; out of politics the possibility of saving the John Nike Centre is slipping through his hands. He has lost touch with his friends and even appears to be losing his girl to arch rival and leader of the East Staines Massive, Hassan B (Ray Panthaki).

All is not well for the PM either. As CCTV evidence surfaces of him having sex with an unknown prostitute in his room at the Chequers reception, he too is forced to resign. Only Ali knows the truth and if he is to recover his own reputation, clear the good name of the PM and bring down the evil Chancellor, then he must retrieve the tape from Carlton’s safe at Chequers.

Ali enlists the help of the friends he turned his back on, reviving his and Ricky C’s pirate radio station, Drive By FM, to get word to the posse’s of Staines. They call on Langley Village, Iver Heath, Englefield Green and, burying the hatchet, the East Staines Massive to join to help the cause. In the dead of night the WSM break into Chequers, utilising their dancing skills to overcome the tight security and using the power of their turbo engine Renault 5′s to blow the safe, retrieve the tape and save the day.

Production Team

Mark Mylod: Director
David Walley: Art Direction
Ashley Rowe: Cinematography
Adam F: Original Music
Tim Bevan: Producer
Eric Fellner: Producer
Dan Mazer: Producer
Grenville Horner: Production Design
Dan Mazer: Script
Sacha Baron Cohen: Script
Chris Gurney: Sound Department
Michael Higham: Sound Department
Derek Norman: Sound Department


Sacha Baron Cohen: Ali G
Kellie Bright: Julie
Charles Dance: David Carlton
Michael Gambon: Prime Minister
Tony Way: Dangerous Dave
Martin Freeman: Ricky C
Emilio Rivera: Rico
Ray Panthaki: Hassan B
Rhona Mitra: Kate

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