January 2, 2017


All In – 1936 | 71 mins | Comedy | B&W

Plot Synopsis

All In

Enjoyable fast-paced comedy. A sheltered Archie Slott (Ralph Lynn) inherits a racing stable which his aunt believes should be converted into a holiday home for working girls. But the hereditary Slott�s passion for gambling has been aroused, and in no time, thanks to two con men, Archie finds himself in possession of a bankrupt wrestling arena too.

Production Team

Marcel Varnel: Director
Michael Balcon: Producer
Leslie Arliss: Script
Val Guest: Script
Brandon Fleming): Script


Ralph Lynn: Archie Slott
Gina Malo: Kay Slott
Jack Barty: Tingaling Tom
Claude Dampier: Toop
Sydney Fairbrother: Genesta Slott
Garry Marsh: Lilleywhite
Robert Nainby: Eustace Slott
OB Clarence: Hemingway

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